The cat adopted us

Allow me to present Buttercup, or Butters for short: the cat that adopted us, rather than the other way around.

This loveable furball turned up at my parents’ house in the country, most likely dumped by someone who decided they didn’t want a cat once he outgrew his kitten cuteness. He became quite the friend to the Little Mr, following after him and basking in the sunlight while the Little Mr played outside. He begged to go inside with him, and nearly tried to get in my car when I’d leave for work. I knew instantly that I wanted to bring him home, but before we could buy all the necessities the cat disappeared. I had hoped that maybe a neighbor took him in, but it turned out some neighbors have been feeding him out of pity and he was bouncing from yard to yard just getting by. When he reappeared, less hungry but still loveable, and still following the Little Mr around, I knew we had a keeper. Or, rather, that he had found us to be keepers.

He’s been here 2 days and pretty much settled in immediately. He is just FULL of snuggles and purrs. I have to admit that I’ve never considered myself to be a cat person – I had a traumatic incident as a child involving an adorable kitten in my lap and my cousin letting his giant St. Bernard dog get too close and I was clawed all to hell by this terrified kitten. But this cat? This cat is totally changing that.

This cat adopted us, and I can’t think of a better way to acquire a new pet into my little house. <3

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