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He’s fitting in nicely

This cat. So much love for this little guy! We’re all adjusting to having a cat in the house. The dog, when she was still with us, was always at our heels and never so mischievous as Buttercup. My potted plants are taking a beating already, which is a bit frustrating. I’m not sure what the point was in buying specific “cat” toys when he seems pretty content to play with all of the kid’s toys. But he’s such a snuggler, getting on my lap and purring away while I read.

He’s slowly becoming more of the kid’s buddy. And I’m encouraging him to be more involved in his care since he’s the one that Buttercup bonded with initially. So he came with me when I took him to the vet for a check-up to make sure he’s healthy, and then he picked him up yesterday with daddy after Buttercup had his surgery to neuter him (I am, after all, a responsible pet parent). He feeds him in the morning (if he gets up when I get up), and I make sure he feeds him at night. They like to sit and look out the windows together, and earlier this morning (pictured) he snoozed on the table while the Little Mr played games on my phone.

I’ve had one or two incidences where Buttercup found my yarn, but so far I’ve been able to knit and spin without much trouble from him. But, all in all, he’s been a really good addition to our house!

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