My soul is restless

Do you ever feel like you desperately need a change? Something totally, completely, radically different from the way you’re living now? Like everything you’ve been doing is all wrong and suddenly it feels so unbearably bad from all aspects that you just need to light the whole bitch on fire and, when the fire dies out and things settle down, rise from the ashes as though you’ve just completed some magical transformation?

Yeah. That’s my mood today. And I feel it so very, very deeply.

I want to throw away half my house (or, well, donate it since throwing away would be wasteful). I want to completely overhaul my habits. I want to lay waste to every single thing that no longer serves me and, instead, has turned me into an anxiety-riddled mess.

It’s clearly time to do some major soul searching, cut the crap from my life, and embrace a period of change. Get back to things that really matter.

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