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Road Tripping

malabar1 malabar2 malabar3 malabar4 malabar5 malabar6 malabar7 malabar8 malabar9 malabar10We took the motorcycles out on a longer distance ride. The Mr on the new British beauty, and I on the little Rebel. We made a day out of it and drove to Malabar Farm. We’ve been there in early spring for the maple syrup thing, so this time we went to check out the farm itself. The animals, of course, caught my attention. And I was crazy fascinated by all the snails in the nearby pond. They were so big!

We wanted to stop by a local place for food on the way home, and wouldn’t you know it all but the bigger chain restaurants were closed! Boo! It was a Sunday, though, and it can be hard to find local places open around here on Sundays. So we stopped at a truck stop with a Subway. Not exactly what we imagined when we headed out, but it was at least better than nothing!


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