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The tally


Current total of handmade holiday gifts fully and totally completed (meaning ends woven in, seam holes stitched up, etc): zero. New, non-holiday project cast on/started: two.

Total balls of yarn ordered from the Knit Picks sale: 55. Total balls that aren’t actually for me to knit (they’re either for a gift or for teaching some kids to arm knit next week): 31. Years it’ll take before I actually even knit up the 24 I did order: 5. Chances of me losing interest in the projects I ordered yarn for before I get to them: high.

I am, to be fair, quite determined that tonight I’ll finish the binding on the quilt tonight. I have cleaned my craft room in anticipation of it. I’ve decided to forgo the hand stitching and just machine it. Sure, it looks prettier hand stitched… but that requires time to sit and sew it all down. And that time needs to be used for the knitting projects – the husband’s cardigan, mainly.

Thanksgiving is this week. The time crunch is officially here to get projects done and it’ll probably involve some re-evaluating of my list to see what can wait until after the holidays (probably those flannel shirts I want to make for the Little Mr – I have enough fabric to make the next size or two up so it might end up becoming a late winter project instead).

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  1. This year, there won’t be any knitting gift! It’s too late anyway, and I knit too slowly. I’d feel lucky if I’m able to sew a few pouches!
    Can’t wait to see what you are coming up too!

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