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Goodbye, yarn.


No, I’m not giving up knitting. You can pry my needles out of my cold, dead hands.

I am, however, letting go of more yarn. I did some soul searching, and also a bit of thought about my stash, what I like to knit, what I have time to knit, etc. I then posted yarn to my for sale or trade page on Ravelry and told some sweet online friends to have at it and pick whatever they wanted. Merry Early Giftmas! And, now, 10 skeins of yarn are moving on to other homes where they will be cherished and loved and, more importantly, knit into other things.

My yarn drawers are looking better and better each month between the projects I’m working through and the yarns I’m sending on. Maybe, at this rate, I’ll eventually get to my dream of a zero stash after all?

In other knitting news, next week I’ll be in a cabin in the woods with my knit group. I’m trying to plan what I’ll take with me though that’s quite difficult considering all I wish to accomplish. I tend to be an overachiever, after all, when it comes to the amount of projects I think I can get done. I will be knitting until my fingers bleed, but hopefully I can come home with a project or two finished and feeling like it was a good, productive weekend away. The plan at the moment is to take the Husband’s cardigan, to finish his holiday stocking, and to make the Little Mr a new hat since he’s outgrown the one I made him earlier this year (so much for that pattern being toddler sized… either that or my kid has a big noggin!) I may take my sock needles with me just in case – we’ve started dyeing yarn each year so worst case if I get too bored – or I finish projects quickly – I can throw my yarn in a bag in the dryer and then wind it up and knit it.

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  1. Zero stitch is a dream too, but them won’t we feel miserable to have nothing to knit? I did sometimes a yarn giveaway to charity and/or friends, and it feels good!

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