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Three Zero

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Well, I’m 30. I’m not exactly happy about it, but not sad, either. Ambivalent, I think, is the word. This year is a definite change from last year and the year before.

It’s been a less-than-exciting day and just a part of a less-than-exciting week. The most excitement I’ve had all week was putting up some baby equipment I received last week from my coworkers (Oh, and the car breaking down… again). It’s just all so incredibly frustrating to want to do things and your body not cooperate. I feel like I’m getting a good picture of what it will like to be truly, physically old. But before I know it this pregnancy will be over – I’m looking at just over 6 weeks to go before my due date. I can do 6 weeks… I think.

I used my little cake pans to bake myself my own chocolate cake this year. It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to make my own cake. I went with a recipe I found for a “smash” cake (the kind you give a baby on its 1st birthday to tear into) because it was the perfect size I wanted. The recipe isn’t great, however, and I intend to play with it in the future – it’s just not rich/chocolate-y enough. I’ll post a recipe when I find one I like – this one is just too bland to share. I threw together a small batch of cream cheese frosting but have plenty leftover so I might just make another cake or two before this vacation is over. And, of course, I topped the cake off with some red raspberries from the garden. Which I only now just realized is quite fitting since I’m a July baby and July’s birthstone is the ruby.

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