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The new routine


The last week has been a blur. It involved a lot of list making, a lot of scrambling to pack lunch, bags, set out clothes each evening, hurriedly fixing dinner, doing laundry as much as possible and taking care of baby all before collapsing into bed exhausted. I went back to work, you see, so things are a bit crazy around here in a horrible kind of way. I like calm and routines and habits and this adjustment has been the complete opposite of that. By the end of the week I felt a bit more settled in so I’m taking that as an excellent sign of my adaption skills. By Saturday I was just thankful to be home, however, with all of us in the kitchen getting breakfast. With so much rushing that goes on in the mornings for work it’s incredibly nice to have calm. I’m a homebody, and I don’t think I ever really quite realized just how true that statement is until this weekend when it really hit me how happy I am to be home. I actually dreaded going to the grocery store this morning and I’m starting to wish one of the local stores offered grocery delivery because I would totally be down for that if it meant not having to go anywhere and pack a diaper bag and just, in general, be away from my place of comfort during the little time I have to relax.

Pretty much all of my pictures lately have been taken with my cell phone and I’m realizing that’s a huge, horrible, awful mistake. So everything I thought I’d snap and share today has turned out to be blurry and kind of awful. I should probably post them anyway – I’m not sure anyone else cares but me. The sunrise above was a cell shot, and it works well for that. It just isn’t great for much else. (Sidenote: I’m both annoyed and pleased that I’m up and on the road early enough now to see the sun rise.) So my goal this week is to try to use the little point & shoot camera more.

Things of interest from this past week…

  • I made it all week at work without eating out or getting food from the vending machine. Our bank account is thanking me (my waistline, too!), and I’m really hoping to continue that trend this week.
  • I had to break down and buy k cups for the office Keurig. I was trying to bring coffee from home but by the time I dropped the kid off at the babysitter and then drove to work my coffee got cold, so making coffee at work is now necessary. I forgot how much I hated the eco-friendly reusable coffee filter I purchased – the coffee was always weak and I’d end up with grounds mixed in no matter what I did. I hate that stupid machine and those stupid pods, but mama needs her caffeine to get through the mornings.
  • I’m rectifying the coffee situation after my pods run out and using a French press and being all obnoxiously fancy. My coworkers can keep their stupid machine – I’ll have far better coffee with the press.
  • The munchkin has started finding his fingers and shoving them in his mouth. I’m sure we’re not far off from him trying to now eat everything under the sun.
  • My social media cleanse thing is going mostly well. I’ve had a few days where I turned the app off, but I’m already doing much better at keeping my nose out of my phone all the time.
  • My knitting time, as expected, has taken a huge hit since going to work. I might have to resort to stockinette socks or dishcloths just for a mindless project to knit to keep my sanity.
  • I dropped a big load of things off at the Goodwill today, including a lot of craft supplies that I’m never going to get around to using. The husband questioned it: “are you really wanting to get rid of x?” I resisted having a huge argument with him about how it’s hard enough for me to get rid of things as it is, what with my hoarder tendencies, without him questioning my decision to part with something. I managed to somewhat politely tell him to keep his mouth shut because he’s not helping me at all, and I managed to leave all those craft supplies by the Goodwill drop off door (they weren’t open yet) instead of hauling them back home with me.

I’d (sarcastically) say that my life is so interesting now… but we all know that it was never that interesting in the first place haha.

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