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Sunday Sock Knitting


I should be working on my Featherweight cardigan, but I’m taking a break and, instead, working on a new sock project. Life has been complicated and stressful lately and socks are comfort knitting for me. Second nature, almost – just cast on and knit. Mindless but not. Fast knitting, but also not. The perfect project to pick up after a long day and work a few rows on without having to pay attention too much, providing the pattern you’re using isn’t overly complicated.

I’ve cast on with the yarn I dyed back in November on my annual knitting weekend. It’s so pretty in the skein, so I was excited to see how it turned out once wound and knit. It’s very… colorful. It’s fun seeing the before and after a bit, much in the way it is with spinning yarn. It’s always amazing to me how one item becomes another, and how one pattern of colors works up once spun and/or knit.

I’m happy to report that the winter weather appears to finally be breaking – the forecast shows 40s and 50s all week! Can you believe that?! There’s still snow on the ground, but it’s melting which is the important thing. My seedlings are started, though much later than I intended to get them going, and  so as long as I don’t forget to water them we’ll be set for the garden this year. Spring is officially making its way in, and with it a world of possibilities. There are so many exciting, wonderful things I’m looking forward to this spring – soccer games, gardening season, a trip to Chicago (I’ve never been, and I’m going to be on my own while the Mr is at a conference during the day. Do you have any suggestions on things I should go do? Yarn shop recommendations? I’m both excited and nervous about being in a big city I’ve never been to before!), getting back into running… so many happy things to come!

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  1. Sorry things have been complicated and stressful lately. I bet the knitting helps with that. I love the yarn. I can’t believe you dyed it yourself – the colors are beautiful.

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