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knitting knitting1 reading1 reading2 reading3Yesterday the Mr had a late meeting, so the little one and I some time at home alone. I’ve been seriously lacking some knitting time with all the work I’ve been doing lately, so I took the opportunity to multitask and sit in the rocking chair while he played. I think I maybe knit 4 rows? Possibly 8? I don’t know. It wasn’t much, that’s for sure, though I suppose any progress is progress and that’s 4/8 less rows to knit. After he fell over (he’s still a bit wobbly, after all) and threw a fit about hitting the carpet I had to put things down and we tried reading. I don’t read to him enough, to be honest. After a long day, it’s usually the last thing on my mind. And, besides, he’s way more interested in eating the books than looking at them right now. Fabric books are my BFF right now and I wish I had more than two – I may have to find some interesting pieces of fabric and whip one up myself one night after he goes to bed. We’ve tried looking at this one before but he wasn’t really interested, but this time around he wanted to turn the pages a bit, open the flaps, and feel the different textures.

Tonight I’m getting a glorious night out for wine and watercolor painting. I’m not great at painting, though I’ve always wanted to learn/get better, but I’m going to guess I’m not going to care much about how my painting looks once I have a glass of wine or two. I think we’re painting flowers? I don’t know. I didn’t really pay attention – I just heard wine and a kid-free night out with a girlfriend and I was all SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.


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