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knitting dye-runoff

After a long, emotionally exhausting week I can officially say that we are near the end of the husband’s Christmas sweater. I spent several hours on the road, going back and forth between home and the funeral home, and managed to get the bulk of the 2nd sleeve knit (don’t worry, the husband was driving). And then, yesterday, I spent the majority of my day standing and knitting in an attempt to finish the last portion. Because, of course, you can’t sit down and knit with a toddler – there’s apparently some unwritten rule in toddlerdom that if mama sits down that’s your sign to pester her. (Seriously, I’m kneeling at the computer right now rather than sitting in the chair because as soon as I do that his independent play is over.)

This morning I set about to washing each of the pieces and blocking them in hopes that I can spend Sunday stitching it all together and Monday-Wednesday working like crazy on the collar and button band to have it done in time for Friday. I’m not impressed with the amount of dye runoff that came out of the individual pieces. The yarn was the basic Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, so it wasn’t like I spent a ton of money on the yarn (wasn’t my choice, however – I offered to knit it in nicer wool but husband is cheap and insisted the cheaper yarn would be fine). I laid towels down on my bed to keep it from getting stained as well. Oh well. Next time I’ll persuade him to go with a nicer yarn. Either that, or I’ll just pick it out myself and not tell him what I bought or how much it cost.

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