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Slowly coming together

Finally, after 2 weeks, we have a somewhat finished bathroom. There’s lots to finish still, of course, but we’ve moved past just a shower to a working sink and toilet. The walls still need finished painted, the mirror and sconces hung, the trim finished, etc etc etc. But I feel like we finally have some major progress. I’m so in love with how bright this room is, now. When it’s all done I’ll show you a before and after – the bathroom was seriously awful. Just awful. And we lived with it for so long, so it’s nice to have something lovely now.

Today I DIY’d some mercury glass dishes for the bathroom. Since everything is so…. new, I wanted old-looking touches without it looking too farmhouse. (I really don’t like the farmhouse trend, and it’s hard to get away from it because everyone and everything you find at the stores is farmhouse now.) I picked up some candy dishes at the local thrift store – two, just in case I screwed one up. Have to say… I’m pretty much in love with them. SO PRETTY! And so easy, too. A can of “Mirror Effect” paint, a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, and some paper towels. Spray a coat of the mirror paint on, let it sit for about a minute, spritz a light amount of water on it and dab gently with the paper towel. Repeat until you get the look you want. I coated the inside of them after they dried with a crystal clear spray to seal it up.

The dishes will most likely go onto a shelf – either a floating shelf above the toilet, or I’m hoping to pick up a white cabinet to go in a corner to store our towels now that we’ve lost our linen closet to make room for the 2nd floor laundry. I’ll probably use them to store my makeup remover pads, so they’re functional, too. I have another one drying right now that is a round vase – I saw this gorgeous mercury glass vase with white faux flowers in it that I loved, but the $100+ price tag was a big fat no. So I’m hoping to recreate it, too. I paid about $9 for the mirror spray at Lowes, and the jars were $3 each. The round vase maybe $2. So less than $20 and I’ve got my own DIY’d version :)

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