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    Quilting lessons

    Last night I started a two-part sewing class at a shop in Columbus, which is kind of a haul for me but no one around here does classes (oh, if I were rich…I’d run a store of my own!) I’ve never learned to quilt proper, so I’m learning some new…

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    Giftmas presents, round 2

    It’s cold and grey and dreary outside, and my trip to Joanns today revealed that the holiday decor is quickly pushing out the fall themed stuff. I might have started to panic a bit about all the things I’m planning on making. So I came home and, after lunch, hopped…

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    The full gift list

    The husband told me I should probably make a list of all my projects so I don’t lose track. So this is exactly what this post is. Allow me to present my epic to do list of holiday crafts and gifts: 5 knitting bags (3 done. Also, I may end…

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    Giftmas presents, round 1

    Two bags down, 3 to go. I actually just finished the dog one this morning really quickly – all that was left was to stitch the corners and flip it right-side out. The inside lining needs hand sewn to finish where I turned it right-side out but I’m waiting to do…

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    Spun and knit

    The husband’s scarf is done and I really kind of want to steal it. My spinning on the fiber wasn’t the best, and it’s a bit over-spun in places, but the Cascade 220 Sport did a fantastic job of balancing it out. It’s soft and has lovely drape and is just…

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    Mermaids all over

    I’m told this arrived to it’s intended recipient, so now I can share this lovely thing. My skills aren’t perfect, but I think it turned out quite adorable.