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The full gift list

The husband told me I should probably make a list of all my projects so I don’t lose track. So this is exactly what this post is. Allow me to present my epic to do list of holiday crafts and gifts:

  • 5 knitting bags (3 done. Also, I may end up making more than 5 depending on what random holiday gift needs come up)
  • 1 cardigan for the husband
  • 1 quilt for the Little Mr
  • 2 holiday ornaments
  • 1 holiday countdown/advent piece, though I’m undecided on what, exactly, it will be.
  • 3 flannel shirts for the Little Mr
  • 1 holiday stocking for the husband (I’ve given up on knitting mine this year so it’s just the one unless I suddenly get though my projects in a hurry)

Missing from this list is a lot of gifts for a lot of people. I can’t decide what to make for everyone on my list, and the niece and nephew will probably just want money. So I might make them an ornament and that’ll be my handmade contribution to their ornament boxes. Same with the stepson and his girlfriend.

Also, I’m not sure that I really want to spend time making something for someone and it not be appreciated. So there’s that. Not everyone is knit worthy, I’ve learned, and my time is more precious these days.

I also have a baby gift to knit, which hasn’t even been started yet. It’s not a sweater, at least, but I can’t ever do something easy like a knit ball. So I really should get on that, too.

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