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Giftmas presents, round 2


It’s cold and grey and dreary outside, and my trip to Joanns today revealed that the holiday decor is quickly pushing out the fall themed stuff. I might have started to panic a bit about all the things I’m planning on making.

So I came home and, after lunch, hopped on my machine. Two more bags down. Both are with some German-themed fabric on Spoonflower since one of my friends is from Germany and the other is a German teacher.

I have at least one more bag to go, and I’m trying to work on that one today so I can call that round of gifts complete. Tomorrow I start taking a quilting class to make an adorable winter fox quilt for the Little Mr, so I’m pretty excited to start in on that.

I made progress this week on the baby gift knit, too, so hopefully I’ll have that to share with you soon, too!

One comment on “Giftmas presents, round 2

  1. Wow, you’re really in full swing with your gift making, Marie. I hope you enjoy your quilt class. I’m looking to take one too because all I’ve ever made is quilted pillows.
    Keep up the good work!

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