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Dream house


I often waver between wanting to stay in town and wanting to be out in the country in the middle of nowhere. I love both ideas, and have a horrible time deciding which I’d rather. This is complicated by the fact that I live on the edge of a really, truly lovely neighborhood with beautiful homes. These days the housing developments I see cropping up are full of cookie cutter-looking homes. They lack character and charm, and I often feel like I’m wandering through a sea of white and beige as I drive through them. Our little neighborhood is filled with lovely homes of various sizes, and walking through is practically park-like with all the large lovely trees.

This house is my dream house. I have always loved and probably will continue to always love it – the landscaping, the brick, the way the two trees flank the door, the way the path curves, the little wooden-with-metal-roof addition… This, dear friends, is probably a house that I will never ever be able to afford (there’s a reason why we live on the edge of the neighborhood). But every time I walk by I like to look at it and dream. The only possible way it could be more perfect is if it was set on a few acres of land out of town. With a sweet little chicken coop to match the style of the house.

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