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Getting festive


We’re getting festive this weekend. And yes, I know, Thanksgiving isn’t over with yet. True story: I don’t care. Thanksgiving, to me, always feels oddly timed for a harvest meal. Canadians have it right, I think. At least for us Ohioans where the harvest season tends to be done by October (unless you use cold frames to continue growing things here and there). We’re getting snow tonight, which just screams “winter holidays” to me more than “Thanksgiving.” I’m very much into the holiday spirit at the moment and I’m just rolling with it.

I’m not a professional photographer by any means (the husband actually snapped this one as a test while we tried to get the camera settings right), but I think our photos have turned out quite cute. I knit the little Santa hat for him but it’s a tad big for his small noggin. But it works and it’s handmade and very us. I’m pretty sure everyone I know will look at that hat and just know I made it because I really am, apparently, that predictable.

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