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Now we’re rockin’


I love my beat up little Honda Rebel, I really do.  It’s great for around town. It isn’t great for long trips, though, or highways. And it’s not something the husband and I can both ride together.

So we were due for an upgrade. I fell hard for this blue/cream Triumph America. It took serious courage to test drive it, because it is so much bigger than what I’m used to, but once I got it out there it was a blast! The Mr can ride it comfortably, but it’s small enough for me to ride too. And we can ride 2-up together for road trips, too (once we practice, of course).  I’m currently picturing packing a picnic and taking a ride across the state on weekends, but we’ll definitely have to work up to that!

I’ve nicknamed this bike my TARDIS, seeing how Triumphs are British bikes and the color is blue. :)

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