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Cabin in the woods, round 4.

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4th annual knitting weekend. Chugged away on the baby’s holiday stocking, started (and promptly screwed up) a new sweater for myself – I’m just going with it, anyway – and even dyed some lovely sock yarn (with food coloring/Kool-Aid, of course – I took a cue from Chalk Legs and used the sprinkle method along with a bit of liquid food coloring for a bit more intense color on the yellow. I will definitely be trying to dye more yarn like this as soon as I knit up some of what I already have!)

More than happy to be home, however. This year was… different. I didn’t enjoy my time there as much. And I missed my husband and son terribly. I think maybe the weekend would have been better if it had been 100% solo. I just feel like maybe I needed some time to be completely alone with my thoughts in the woods. Oh well, back to real life.

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