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Fall tulips

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Last week I bought myself some tulips, and my mom some pretty yellow roses. My tulips are faded and gone, now, but they were pretty while they lasted. I might walk down to the flower shop up the street and see what I can find there to replace them. I really do love having some fresh flowers at the table, especially since we’ve been actually using the table (whereas before baby we ate a lot on the couch – lame, I know).


The Little Mr is napping in his crib at the moment. I have mixed feelings about it. After a year of him napping in our arms, I’ve become quite attached to those afternoon snuggles. At the same time, though, he is becoming more and more his own little person and he doesn’t want to be held to go to sleep anymore. A lot of afternoons it’s a struggle of trying to get him to settle down enough to sleep in my arms on the couch and most times he just wants out of my arms only to turn around and cry and reach for me. It’s been… stressful. And I don’t have the patience to deal with this stage of wanting down but wanting up at the same time. It’s exhausting. So, crib naps are where we’re headed. He’s really, really awesome about going to sleep at night in his crib, so I’ve been trying to transition him to the crib for naps a bit more. So far, so good. But I miss those easy naps and snuggles together, and it makes me incredibly sad to know that they’re no longer happening.

On the bright side… I get time to post here. Or knit. Or clean. Or whatever I want to do because I don’t have someone at my heels 24/7. Today I’m cleaning. Or will be after I finish this post up. We’re looking at houses, though we’re not quite sure if we’re going to actually put ours up for sale. The sweet little place in the country I mentioned before has issues so I think it’s officially off the list. I can deal with drywall and floors and a bathroom needing finished, but there’s standing water in the corner of the basement. You can’t really have a basement here without having water at least occasionally (our own basement has been known to flood in bad storms when the city’s storm drains get overwhelmed) but standing water in a corner when there hasn’t been any rain for a while is suspect. Anyway, I’ve been trying to purge more and clean up more things around the house just in case. It needs done if we’re going to have people coming through our home, and it definitely needs done if we’re going to pack all of this up to move. The less to pack and move the better, and since I’d like to downsize our square footage that means getting rid of some bigger things, too.

Let’s see… what else have I not had a chance to write about…

My annual knit group trip is coming up and I’m much more excited this year than last. That’s probably the lack of postpartum hormones, mostly. We’re going to dye yarn again, and I think that might just become an annual thing, too. I placed our Knit Picks order for it but I didn’t get any yarn; I did get some of their Full Circle roving in the Wolf colorway, though. I want to play with dyes over the grey color since everything else is always on white.

The Mr saw the Atwood cardigan on my Knit Picks catalog cover and kind of casually mentioned that he wouldn’t mind wearing something like it. So, of course, I had to immediately order the pattern and yarn to make him one. I’ll have to start it ASAP, though, if I’m to get it finished by winter. Maybe if I’m super fast with it I can get it done in time for us to get a family photo done and we can all wear the hand knits that I’ve made for it? That’s probably being overly ambitious, though.

I’m a sleeve seam away from being done with my Solaris cardigan. It feels a tad snug in the arms, but blocking might help. If I can be bothered to block it, I mean – most knits I just seam and wear unless they absolutely need soaked/blocked.

I think that’s it? I have sewing to share but it’ll have to wait until later. I need to go clean while I have time and the kid is asleep!


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