Restless Sunday

When I awoke this morning I knew exactly what kind of day it would be. Overnight storms carried throughout the night, and the constant drizzle of rain pelting the windows made it all too easy to burrow under the blankets and sleep in (a rare occurrence for us). I’ve heard we received almost 3″ of rain, and by the water I found in the basement (another rare occurrence) I believe it.

I brewed a pot of extra strong coffee, and made pancakes and sausage for breakfast, but the semblance of normalcy ended there. I’ve spent the rest of my day bouncing from one thing to the next – knitting, reading, laundry, catching up on my Google reader, more knitting, more reading. At one point I was just wandering the house pretty aimlessly, hoping something to do would jump out at me. Then I debated on baking some bread or cookies, but the idea of heating the kitchen up wasn’t too appealing. So it was back to knitting and reading.

It’s just been that kind of lazy, restless day.

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